Welcome to Guardian Provider College Tuition Rewards Registration!

Important Instructions
If you are the dental provider, enter your provider ID, last name, facility ID and facility ZIP code below. If your have multiple facility IDs you can register using any current facility ID and ZIP code.

If you are an employee or staff member at a qualified dental provider’s office, enter just your last name, facility ID and the corresponding ZIP code below. Do not enter a provider ID.

A Few Things To Make Registration Easier

  • Once in the portal, you will be prompted to set up your account and create a personal User ID and password. Shortly after registration, you will be sent a “Welcome to Tuition Rewards” email from SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards (support@sagescholars.com). Once you receive this e-mail you will be able to sign into your TuitionRewards.com account. It is a good idea to add support@sagescholars.com as an Approved Sender to your address book and/or junk email filter to help ensure proper delivery of your “Welcome” email.

Important Deadline Dates for Students

  • Students must be registered by August 31st of the year the student begins 12th grade.
  • The last day for pledging Tuition Rewards to a student is August 31st of the year the student begins 12th grade. This is also the last day for a student to earn any Student Tuition Rewards from any source.
  • Using the college and university list available in the member’s account, the member must submit a Tuition Rewards statement to any member school(s) a registered student applies to within ten (10) days of the application being submitted.

Need help logging in? Give us a call (215) 839-0119 or guardiansupport@collegetuitionbenefit.com.